'Norwegian Woods'


Image of 'Norwegian Woods'

The ScentSouvenir is a way for you to take home – or share – a unique piece of Norway in the form of Scent. The ScentSouvenir is handmade in Norway using only natural essences.*

Open the lid, close your eyes, and breathe in the true essence of the Norwegian Woods: a blend made from different types of spruce from the deep forests of Østerdalen. Here an old dairy in Alvdal has been transformed into what is now Scandinavia's sole, large-scale distiller of essential oils. Using the gifts of nature, old traditions, and new knowledge, the Alvdal distillers create pure and beautiful Norwegian essential oils.

The ScentSouvenir “Norwegian Woods” also has therapeutic effects: the aroma of spruce is known to be both grounding and stimulating. Feeling nervous or hyperactive? Let the scent of Norwegian spruce calm you. Feeling lethargic or melancholic? Let the scent of Norwegian spruce give you a boost of energy.